Find Positivity in each day, even if somedays it is harder to find.


Its Once In A Lifetime Scene
The Whole World’S In Quarantine
Darkness’s Allover Spread And Seen
So Lets Kindle A Positive Sheen

We Know That Deaths Are There
All The World Sinks In Fear
But Tell Me Who’s Immortal Here?
None Ever The Fate Did Spare

Though The Distancing And Lockdown
Have Bothered White, Black And Brown
It Saved The Earth Of Humans’ Frown
A Healing Break For Nature’s Wounds

Parents, Grandparents And Tiny Tots
Met Children And Parents Long Lost
Quality Time The Families Got
To Nurture Bondings Which Were Rot

A Lesson Worthy Each One Learned
Values Top The Wealth All Earned
The World When Almighty Churned
To Roots And Homes We All Turned

The Almighty Is Alone Referee
Of Man, Of Beast And Of The Tree
“I feel ‘HE’ began this illness spree
To Make The Earth Pollution Free”

In This Whole Scenario Filled with Chaos, I Wrote This Poem to lighten up Our Moods and light a Spark of Positivity within Us!

~Zainab M.Mustafa Bagwala


His love brew

Everyone knew
But she missed
His every cue

Then One twilight
Under the moonlight
I realised the cause of
Her sleepless nights

He was the victim
Of thy love for him
I made her heart aware
Then twas on a whim

With bright shining eyes
Her heart’s string she ties
With the one in her love
His life gets colorize

We shielded their love
Like a warm soothing glove
But twas heart breaking when
Like a weed we were shove

In a year’s time span
We were out of the clan
As from the rich ready wheat
Is taken out the bran

Made eternal promises
In institute’s premises
Without an idea
That love too blemishes

During a year and a half
Hiked their love’s graph
We never knew when
He became her better half

For the first present of her
I was his adviser
But many hidden from us
Were then exchanged later

I am puzzled still
That what was the thrill
In veiling it from those
Desiring their goodwill

Life took a turn
Making the hearts burn
The heavy hearts shed
Endless tears diurn

Everyone willed
For the tale to be fulfilled
But destiny didn’t help
Their dreams got killed

In love with each other
But not with each other
Craving the presence
And vibes of each other

Shayar became my bro
She wasn’t less though
She couldn’t write such verses
But He became a Pro

~Zainab Bagwala